Ordering Information

Student Charges:

All charges must be pre-approved through Dawn Delay in the Business Office, 
located in the Big Knife Bldg, 406-275-4967, or dawn_delay@skc.edu. 

All book returns must be completed in the first two weeks of the quarter for credit (proof of purchase is required).  After the first two weeks, books may be sold during book buyback:  It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and keep receipts.  Please see posted bulletin.

Photo I.D. is required for cashing checks, or processing credit/debit cards.


Your request must include:  

¨Complete Name ¨E-mail Address ¨Physical Address ¨Phone Number ¨Course number and/or title for which book(s) are being requested.  

Any information you give during the ordering process, including a credit card number will be kept secure.

If you will not be using a credit card to make your textbook purchases, please send a check to the SKC Bookstore.  Your order will be processed, but held, until your check is received in the bookstore.

If not paying by check or credit card, please get prior approval from the Business Office to charge.  This process was developed to streamline the payment process for both the student and the business office. 


On-line students (including Wellpinit / Nesplem students)
needing to order books will need to 
click here to order books. 

This form will automatically e-mail MaryRose_Morigeau@skc.edu  (warning: e-mailing from a hotmail account or similar accounts may be blocked by the SKC Firewall, it is best to order via the form on the SKC website). 

Please check with the SKC IT Department about setting up a student email account.

Please allow a 5-day turn around time from the date your order was submitted.  Also, unless requesting and paying for express shipping, most company’s delivery times are 5-10 working days from the date shipped out. 

You will need to give current and accurate information to have the process work most efficiently. When you are entering ordering information remember to give a street address and not a P.O. Box number.


Requests will not be taken via phone.